Amiflex™ T for Cheeses


  • Name: Amiflex

  • Type: T for cheeses

  • Colors: Clear, White, Brown, Red, Orange, Cherry, Vinous, Cream, Gold, Bronze, Yellow, Black, Carrot, Claret

  • Calibers: 35-170 mm

  • Shirring: Shirring, Rolls

  • Printing: One Color, Multicolor, Full Color

AMIFLEX represents a five-layer polyamide-made sausage casing.

AMIFLEX casing consists of five layers, each of them exhibiting its own function.
Consequently, the innermost polyamide-containing layer contacts respective cheese bulk, thus providing the required adhesion between said raw material and the proper casing, while at the same time performing barrier functions similar to those of the monolayer casing. They need such adhesive layers for gluing together the polyamide-containing layers and that made of polyolephine, situated in the midst.

Polyolephines represent certain polymer group, exhibiting increased barrier properties to water and vapours. In fact, such polyolephines exhibit more effective barrier properties with respect to water and vapours than polyamide. That is why the polyolephine-made layer prevents not only moisture loss of the cheese bulk, but also protects outer polyamide-made layer against any moisture impact. It is exactly “dry” polyamide-made layer, which represents reliable protection against any gases. As a result, all five layers provide almost zero permeability of the AMIFLEX casing.

AMIFLEX casing features the following specifications:
- High barrier properties against oxygen, moisture and water vapours;
- High mechanical strength;
- Elasticity;
- Thermal contraction capacity;
- Biological inertness;
- Absence of any weight losses during thermal treatment process and storage of the final products.

They use the AMIFLEX T casing to manufacture sausage-like processed cheeses, as well as to pack butter and other food fats.

The AMIFLEX casing combines the following advantages:
• Convenient handling; opportunity of the casing application at the automatic equipment, simple preparation and storage thereof;
• Reduction of the weight losses during production process and storage of the final products;
• Sensible saving of the electric power consumption during production process.

This casing involves manufacturing of the sausage products in conformity with all regulation requirements, which permit to obtain high-quality products.

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