Amiflex™ N


  • Name: Amiflex

  • Type: N

  • Colors: Clear, White, Smoking, Red, Orange, Pink, Gold, Bronze, Copper, Yellow, Black

  • Calibers: 35-120 mm

  • Shirring: Shirring, Rolls

  • Printing: One Color, Multicolor, Full Color

The AMIFLEX N casing is meant for production of cooked sausages, black puddings, liver sausages, pâtés and other foodstuffs.
AMIFLEX N will distinguish your products among traditional cylinder-shaped sausages thanks to its unusual shape and colorful printing.

AMIFLEX N is easily stretchable in lengthwise and crosswise directions which enable to stuff products in the shape of a ball on automatic equipment retaining high stuffing speed.
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