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Shrink Bags

Vacuum Bags with straight or circular seal.

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a substitute for cellulose and natural casings, preserves traditional organoleptic qualities

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U-Shaped and Continuous clips for artificial and natural sausage casings.

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a new generation of casings with even better permeability to smoke

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a barrier casings designed for the production of mold hams and sausages

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a barrier casing with a textile cord or a plastic tape attached to the casing surface

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a barrier casing, meant for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages, pates as well as…

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  • Name: Amipak

  • Type: A, R

  • Colors: Smoking, Orange

  • Calibers: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 32, 34, 38

  • Shirring: Shirring

  • Printing: One Color, Multicolor, Full Color

Taking advantages of the polyamide properties and application of the genuine thermal contraction technology, developed by the company Atlantis-Pak, permitted to obtain the casing, exhibiting high barrier properties and suitable for utilization with high-speed automatic equipment. Extended suitability period of the final products, preservation of the organoleptic properties and external appearance of thus made Frankfurters and small sausages during a long time, as well as reduction of the weight losses during thermal treatment process and storage of the final products, represent obvious benefits of the AMIPAK casing application.

At present, the AMIPAK casing, distributed by General Packing, eventually became a necessity of almost any modern meat processing enterprise.

AMIPAK casing features the following specifications:

  • High barrier properties;
  • High mechanical strength and elasticity;
  • Homogeneous calibre;
  • High thermal resistance;
  • Biological inertness.

The casing is supplied in conformity with universally adopted practices, i.e. according to its stuffing calibre and shirred.

AMIPAK is produced in two types:

A type – shirred stick with closed end represents the casing, involving its application at the automatic equipment.

R type – shirred stick with open end represents the casing, stipulating application of the manual fillers fitted with twisting linkers, as well as manual stuffing.

AMIPAK casings of both aforementioned types feature increased sausage meat capacity.

Application of the AMIPAK casing (A type) at the Frankfurters manufacturing automatic equipment requires no preliminary preparation before stuffing thereof.

AMIPAK casing provides long-time freshness of the final products.

  • Product names: Fibrosmok™, Amismok™, Amitan™, Amliux™, Amicel™, Nanosmok™, Amiflex™, Amitex™, Amipak™, Extraflex™, Amivac™, Naturex™ and APros™, featured or referred to within General Packing, LLC. products and services and within are registered trademarks and property of Atlantis-Pak, LLC. Atlantis-Pak, LLC. is not affiliated with General Packing, LLC., our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our materials.