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a barrier casing, meant for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages, pates as well as…

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Shrink Bags

Vacuum Bags with straight or circular seal.

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a new generation of casings with even better permeability to smoke

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a barrier casings designed for the production of mold hams and sausages

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a barrier casing with a textile cord or a plastic tape attached to the casing surface

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a substitute for cellulose and natural casings, preserves traditional organoleptic qualities

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U-Shaped and Continuous clips for artificial and natural sausage casings.

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Amitex™ Ultra


  • Name: Amitex

  • Type: Ultra

  • Colors: Clear, White, Brown, Red, Orange, Pink, Silver, Beige, Gold, Bronze, Copper, Yellow, Black, Crimson, Claret, Exclusive Colors Available

  • Calibers: 32-120 mm

  • Shirring: Shirring, Rolls

  • Printing: UV, UV-CMYK

  • Heat resistance
  • Fat resistance
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Mechanical strength
  • Elasticity
  • Caliber consistency
  • Excellent heat-shrink properties
  • Practically all calibers and colors available
  • Colorful flexographic printing available
  • Stuffing on all existing automatic equipment
  • Simple pre-use procedure and storage
  • Improves production sanitary
  • Minimum weight losses when cooking and storing end meat products
  • Extended retail shelf life (up to 60 days) making the product independent of demand fluctuations as well as expanding trade areas.
  • Favorable price
The AMITEX Ultra casing is meant for production of emulsified sausages, hams and other foodstuffs not requiring smoking.

AMITEX Ultra features a brilliantly glossy and smooth surface.

AMITEX Ultra provides an extended meat capacity enabling overstuffing 12-14% compared to nominal caliber.
Using UV-printing and UV-decor allows the producer to apply images of any complexity and imitate the patterns of all surfaces
The AMITEX Ultra casing is intended for stuffing and clipping on semi-automated or fully automated equipment.
  • Product names: Fibrosmok™, Amismok™, Amitan™, Amliux™, Amicel™, Nanosmok™, Amiflex™, Amitex™, Amipak™, Extraflex™, Amivac™, Naturex™ and APros™, featured or referred to within General Packing, LLC. products and services and within are registered trademarks and property of Atlantis-Pak, LLC. Atlantis-Pak, LLC. is not affiliated with General Packing, LLC., our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our materials.