Amitan™ Pro Sinuga


  • Name: Amitan Pro

  • Type: Sinuga

  • Colors: Clear, Smoking, Orange, Pink

  • Calibers: 50-80 mm

  • Shirring: Shirring, Rolls

AMITAN ® PRO “Sinuga” type represents a monolayer plastic casing featuring smoke penetration. This casing permits to obtain traditional appearance of the sausages, manufactured in the natural cattle intestines.

The casing is intended to be used to manufacture all sorts of cooked sausages and ham-like products made in conformity with respective technologies involving smoking process, i.e. smoked frying.

AMITAN ® PRO “Sinuga” type casing features the following specifications:

• Smoke-Permeability, which provides opportunity to perform smoked frying, imparting pleasant specific taste and smoking aroma to thus manufactured food products. All this enhances formation of the coagulated protein-containing crust together with glossy surface;

• High mechanical strength and elasticity permits to gain sensible overstuffing thereof, as compared with nominal calibre of the casing. Consequently, AMITAN ® PRO “Sinuga” type casing exhibits increased sausage meat capacity;

• Low permeability against oxygen and water vapours stipulates the following advantages:
- Extended shelf life periods of end products. At present, cooked sausages are produced according to the State Standard R 52196-2003, packed into AMITAN ® PRO “Sinuga” type casing and having shelf life of  six days;

AMITAN ® PRO “Sinuga” type casing represents excellent economic alternative to natural casings, because it provides lesser moisture losses during thermal treatment process and storage of end products;

- Excellent marketable aspect of end products (absence of the “wrinkles”) through their long shelf life;

• High thermal stability;

• Biological inertness.

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