• Name: Fibrosmok

  • Colors: Clear, White, Smoking, Brown, Red, Orange, Salmon, Mahogany, Cherry, Vinous, Cream

  • Calibers: 29-80 mm

  • Shirring: Shirring, Rolls

  • Printing: One Color, Multicolor, Full Color

Properties of FIBROSMOK casing:

- unique matted, rough surface;

- permeable structure of casing enables to reach an optimal smoking level;

- high impermeable properties against oxygen and moisture;

- high mechanical strength, elasticity and caliber uniformity;

- high sausage meat capacity;

- excellent peeling properties (there are no problems removing the casing from the cooked product);

- microbiological inactivity (the casing cannot be microbiologically spoiled);

There is no any fat layer on the surface of FIBROSMOK casing which allows to easily stick self-adhesive labels on.

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