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U-Shaped and Continuous clips for artificial and natural sausage casings.

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Shrink Bags

Vacuum Bags with straight or circular seal.

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a new generation of casings with even better permeability to smoke

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a barrier casing, meant for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages, pates as well as…

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a barrier casing with a textile cord or a plastic tape attached to the casing surface

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a substitute for cellulose and natural casings, preserves traditional organoleptic qualities

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a barrier casings designed for the production of mold hams and sausages

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Hydrocolloids (Carrageenans)

Carrageenan is used in: MEAT | DAIRY | BAKERY | DESERTS | BEER | OTHER

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid extracted from red marine seaweeds of the class Rhodopyceae. Eucheuma Spinosum and Eucheuma Cottonii species, in the seas of Philippines, meet the best conditions for their development, resulting in high quality carrageenan.

It is used in many applications in the food industry as thickener, gelling agent and suspension stabilizer, in aqueous systems as well as in dairy systems.

Carrageenan is a multifunctional ingredient and behaves differently in water and milk. In water, it is typically as a hydrocolloid with gelling and thickening properties. In milk, it also has the property of reacting with proteins and provides stabilizing functions.

Carrageenan has a special ability to form a wide variety of gel textures at room temperature% brittle or elastic gel, clear or cloudy, strong or weak; termoreversible or heat-stable, high or low melting temperature / gelification.


Using Carrageenan offers significant technological and economic advantages:

Increased water retention capacity and production yield.
Reduced cooking losses.
Improved texture and sliceability.
Stabilized freeze-thaw cycle.
Stabilized meat emulsions and prevent phase separation.
Improved appearance of the final product.
Carrageenan Cold Soluble is available for injected and restructured meat products.




Carrageenan is an essential ingredient in foods that possess the following benefits:

Reduced syneresis in yogurt.
Acts as a gelling agent giving various textures to puddings and desserts, from soft and elastic gel to firm and brittle.
Improves sliceability and shape retention in cheeses.
Prevents fat and whey separation.
Controls viscosity and contributes to the final texture in cheese spreads. Cream

Prevents the precipitation of milk casein.
Controls crystallization.
Contributes to desirable overrun and texture.
Imparts a smooth and homogeneous meltdown.
Provides stability to thermal shock. Beverages

Stabilizes cocoa suspension at very low concentration.
Imparts homogeneous appearance and texture.
Provides excellent mouthfeel and flavor release.






Carageenan is also used in the bakery industry along with flour:

Prepares flour during the bread kneading, improving the volume and water retention.
Stabilizes the batter of sweet doughs.
Acts as a stabilizer, gelling and thickening agent in glazes, fillings and pies.
Exhibits synergy with flour protein.





Gelification in water dessert jellies, jams and confectionary sweets must be carefully controlled in order to achieve stable and uniform textures and sensations. The benefits of using carrageenan: Desert Jellies

Provides a complete range of texture from elastic to brittle gels at low dosages.
Forms gel at room temperature.
Controls synersis.
Alternative to gelatin. Makes the product 100% vegetable.


 and Sweets

Improves juice retention from fruits.
Provides stability and texture.
Improves sliceability and shape retention in solid sweets.



Stabilizes stuffing of chocolates, candies and sweets.
Acts as gelatin replacer for gummy candies.






BEER precipitation and flocculation of protein.
Improves wort recovery and beer clarity.
Decreases production cost by minimizing use of filter aids.











Carrageenan is also used in other industries and products, such as: Pet Foods, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care Products, Air Fresheners.