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a barrier casings designed for the production of mold hams and sausages

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a barrier casing, meant for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages, pates as well as…

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a barrier casing with a textile cord or a plastic tape attached to the casing surface

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U-Shaped and Continuous clips for artificial and natural sausage casings.

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Shrink Bags

Vacuum Bags with straight or circular seal.

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a new generation of casings with even better permeability to smoke

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a substitute for cellulose and natural casings, preserves traditional organoleptic qualities

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Soy Protein Texturized

NATUREX™ textured soy flour (texturate) is a genetically non-modified product, fully complying with the growing requirements of the food industry in terms of functionality and sensory properties of plant proteins.

The main characteristics of the product – the natural origin - is reflected in it`s name NATUREX™.

NATUREX™ is used for production of:

- semi-finished products: meat, meat/vegetable and fish products;

- sausage products;

- tinned food;

- fast food products (soups and main dishes);

- vegetarian food products;

- pastry (crackers, crisps, etc.).

NATUREX™ has the optimal characteristics of

- hydration,

- period of hydration,

- moisture-retaining power.

Only high-quality food-grade soy meal supplied by domestic and foreign producers is used for production of NATUREX™. This soy meal is made using genetically non-modified raw materials. Each parcel of the product is accompanied by the covering documents confirming the quality of the original raw material.

The most advanced equipment of Bühler AG Company is used for production of NATUREX™ . This Company is the world famous specialist in manufacturing of industrial equipment for processing of oil-bearing and grain crops. Buhler AG is a recognized leader in creation and development of new technologies of extrusion, molding, grinding, transportation and thermal processing of plant raw materials.

Atlantis-Pak Co Ltd. has the modern laboratory for research activity at it`d disposal. This laboratory is attested bythe Rostov Center of Standardization and Metrology. The specialists at the laboratory are responsible for continuous quality control of both the incoming raw materials and of the end products at each stage of production. This point ensures the high and consistent quality of the NATUREX™ texturate.

Advantages of NATUREX

Structural compatibility with the emulsion (meat, fish and poultry)

The thermoplastic extrusion technology makes it possible to preserve the high texture integrity of NATUREX™.

Hydrated texturate excellently integrates in the emulsion structure not only decreasing the costs of the final product, but also increasing it`s biological value.

High degree of hydration

The fibrous and porous structure of the texturate contributes to binding and holding of water inside the particles. As a result the water liberation is not possible even in case of mechanical effect.

High speed of hydration in cold water

The latest equipment and unique know-how used in the production of the texturate gives an opportunity to reach a specific structure of the product, which provides the maximum speed of moisture absorption without the loss of the meat-like structure.

The recommended hydration time is 15-20 minutes.

Absence of the specific taste and smell characteristics of soy and the products of its processing

Correctly selected process modes and the high quality of the original raw materials make it possible to obtain a product with neutral odor and taste. All usefulfeatures of the original product remain intact in this case.

Environmentally safe product without GMO.

Each parcel of raw materials used for production of the texturate is accompanied with a certificate to prove the absence of any components sourced from genetically modified products.

When you buy NATUREX™ from Atlantis-Pak Co Ltd., you get:

  • texturate free of GMO with excellent functional properties,

  • guaranteed quality consistency,

  • well-timed deliveries to any place of destination in Russia or abroad,

  • optimal price to quality ratio.

NATUREX™ will become the ideal ingredient for the production of your foods.

NATUREX texturate size fractions


Size fractions



Degree of


ТМ 0

up to 2 mm

small porous grains


ТМ 1

3-4 mm

small porous grains of irregular shape



3-4 mm

small porous grains of irregular shape


ТМ 2

5-6 mm

small porous grains of irregular shape


ТМ 4

15-30 mm

large porous bits of irregular shape


Color range available: from light beige to beige (for non-colored samples)

Colored texturate grains can be supplied as per your special request. The texturate can be additionally odorized or flavoured in case of necessity (e.g., the flavour of meat, dill, etc.).

Tests for GMOs are carried out by independent organizations.

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